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Geology of Ås



Helen French demonstrates the instrumentation of the lysimeters installed in a pit near Oslo Airport. The pit was established to study the impact of infiltration of polluted surface water. Photo: Mona Henriksen


Beach sediments (Saltnes, Østfold). This was originally till deposited at the bottom of the ice. Beach processes removed clay, silt and sand and rounded the stones.
Photo: Michael Heim


Gneis (Haram, Møre og Romsdal).  The folding took place close to the melting point of the rock (ca 600 oC at 50 km depth). Photo: Michael Heim


Michael Heim studies the Proterozoic Moelv Tillite (Moelv, Hedmark) deposited during an ancient global ice age ( > 550 mill yr ago, “Snowball Earth”). Photo: Mona Henriksen